Continuous improvement :PDCA.


De PDCA cyclus(plan-do-check-act) is een iteratief probleemoplossingsmodel, populair gemaakt door  Dr W.Edwards Deming.Deming heeft zijn cirkel gebaseerd op de verbetercirkel van de natuurkundige Walter A.Shewhart die hem de PDSA noemde of Plan-Do –Study-Act. De PDCA- cyclus , veel gebruikt in kwaliteitsmanagent, Lean en Six Sigma ,geeft het principe weer van continue verbetering en wordt gevormd Lees meer »

Have you seen the system?

I have been inspired by an article from Ka anyi kwuo okwu( let’s talk) about seeing systems and I want to tell you my story. During the last 25 years of my professional career, I’ ve driving with my car to work for about 40 miles one way .In the beginning traffic was OK, and Lees meer »

Pyramids to Pancakes


A lot of people agree that managing a company today , cannot be done anymore by using only our linear thinking.The complexity of our society is asking for a real paradigm shift in thinking:systemsthinking . There is more and more the belief that it will be one of the most needed competency for the future Lees meer »