Opinions on managing complexity

Before my summerholiday I’ve written a blog on”Managing Complexity, a must for the future”.I am convinced that systemsthinking is a skill , necessary to understand and to deal with complexity .

It will also enable you and your organisations, to give more durable solutions to complex problems and situations.The blog was well received , with a lot of feedback from many people with different expertise , backgrounds coming from all parts of the world(Turkey, Canada, Australia, Norway, Slovenie, Great-Britain, US, South -Africa), what indicate to me that , complexity is a hot item.

With this post I want to share their feedback , so you can use it for yourself or discuss it with collegues.complexity

1.Complexity cannot be controlled, you have to deal with it

2. Systemsthinking is necessary to understand complexity

3.Systemsthinking skills can be taught.

4.Systemsthinking should be taught in school :from primary to universitylevel.

5.Systemsthinking requires following points:

- Let go power:spread power of decisions to everyone

- Share information, build trust, help people to see how they fit in the organisation

- Collective intelligence :everybody has a voice

- Communicate on the nature of the change

6.Even complexity cannot be controlled, we can deal better with it , when:

- We have a shared understanding of the situation

- We agree on actions to take, to probe and to see what the best solution is.

7.Implementing a new thinking paradigm is alway’s a change:to avoid obstruction show the effectiveness!

8.Life is always been complex, but in the last years complexity has been ruled by 2 major factors:

- Speed at what things happen.

- The connecttedness in networks in the businessenvironment.

There is certainly still a lot more to say , and when we are looking at our daily life, we observe complexity is there.Let’s embrace it , acquire systemsthinking skills ………and you  will see another world.

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