Next Level Leadership

Peter Senge has give me a lot of inspiration and knowledge about system sthinking and the learning organization .By reading his books” The Fifth Discipline “and “Presence “, seeing a lot of you-tube video’s on his work, I was passioned to follow a whole day workshop with him in Utrecht .

The workshop had as theme “Next Level Leadership” and I want to share , some points I have heard about some of his beliefs in the caracteristics of future leaders and the core leadership capacities.


- A Leader should not be confused  with a position , a person in a hierarchie: it’s not the boss!

- A leader should first be a human being .

- A leader should step forward and uplifting people .

- A leader should be able to make emotional conversations and connect the people for the future.

- A leader should be telling the truth

- A leader should be able to reflect and helping people collectively to reflect

- A leader should have a vision coming from the heart and have the aspiration to create , instead of purely solving problems:everything should become better!!

- A leader should be seeing systems and have consience that every system belongs to a bigger system.

These are some important views , I share and I couldn’t more agree with his statement that

Leadership is the process whereby a human community collectively shapes his future”

It would be interesting , to comment and tell us what YOU see as the next leadership level.!!

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