Germany Worldchampions Soccer and running a business

When I’ve watched the latest world cup football( soccer), I was really impressed by the German team .This team didn’t have a key player like Neymar in Bresil, Ronaldo in Portugal, Messi in Argentina  etc but a group of excellent players forming a system.


It was not only a group of players , playing good football but a system operated by 11 excellent players on the field .Interventions of the coach , and changes in players didn’t change the system and his purpose:winning the world cup!!


I saw  some points , comparable what you see in adaptive systems:

- the whole was bigger than the sum of his elements:the team was playing better than the quality of play of each player.

- The system has a long term purpose.The German team purpose was :winning at the end the worldcup

- The system was dynamic by the interrelated connections and feedback cycles:every player was playing in function of the team and had a well defined structure and  game play technique.The performance didn’t depend on one player.

- By changing elements of the system, the system adapts itself in order to fulfill the purpose .By changing positions or changing players , the team adapted his structure to perform towards the purpose.

With this football competition in mind , and some catastrophic games for Portugal, Bresil , and others ,the above  can also be said about running a business

Your business isn’t simply a group of people doing work. It’s a business system that’s operated by people. The systems do the work, and people operate the systems.

Your business should be systems-dependent, not people-dependent.

With no systems in place, your business depends on you and on a few people who run things for you. If you or they disappear, even for a short time, your business is thrown into chaos. But if you have the right systems in place, the systems run your business, and nearly anyone can run the systems.

You can decide suddenly to take a three-month holiday and your business won’t skip a beat. Your key employees could quit, and you could replace them easily with no ill effect.

If performance isn’t up to scratch, rather than blame your people, you simply adjust the system.

If problems and opportunities arise, you create new systems or adjust existing ones. With the right systems in place, you can work every day, or not.

It’s your choice, because the system is what’s really running your business.

 Systemic thinking is the real secret behind building a business that works. If you wish to become a great entrepreneur, learn how to become a systems thinker.

Develop a passion for seeing things as a whole!!!!The one-ness of it, as opposed to merely the sum of its parts!!


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