There is a lot of discussion about the theme “Engagement”:what to do, how to do, describing the leadership issues etc.

With this blog , I want to present a metaphor of a soccer game comparing a company, and let you think about it !

“People in a company will be engaged , if they have the freedom and capabilities to show and apply their capabilities to achieve their personal and company’s goals.”

So also in a soccer game:Each player has his personal skills, and will under guidance of a coach utilize those in function of the team to achieve a common goal :to win the game!

By achieving the goal and receiving compensation for it , they will be more motivated and putting more their skill in the teamwork to win again .voetbal

But look at the environment of the game :the soccerfield is a nice greenfield , so flat as a pooltable.

There are no obstacles for the players , no water stopping the ball, no trash on the field, rules of the game are well known and followed and the public is close to the field .

In those conditions , the players can show their capabilities!!

 But what if the field should look as a potato field:the grass 10 inches long,full of trash, overall bumbs and holes ,water, no rules and the public far away.

It will  be difficult that the the players , in these conditions ,can  show their skills and win a game .They will be soon demotivated and look for another team , with a better field .

voetbal1 voetbal2






So think about it : like the soccerfield ,what are the obstacles avoiding performance of your people?How do you get your field flat and smooth??

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