Last week , I’ve seen a movie called “Destressed”: a story about a man on how he could destressed himself .Three  important points  I have taken away from the story:

- Look for silence and space !Not only physically or geographically but also in your mind !!

- Have a positive attitude on yourself ( self esteem) and be help others!

- Laugh!


Naturally , everybody has his own methods to fight stress , which will fit his personality.Another article in Dutch ( which I have translated) gives you tips which will give you the ability to avoid stress or to manage it better .

Try for each one , to find an example in your life and check it towards these points!!

1.Being alway’s right :

Do you have difficulties to admit your faults and errors,even if  relations are at stake .Don’t bother to be right , everybody can make mistakes!!

2.Greed for control:

Don’t be a controlfreak and be open to give up your greed for controlon situations and people.


Take responsability of your own life, and stop to blame others.

4.Negative thinking:

Don’t be trapped in a negative spiral.Believe in yourself, give yourself all the chances and think positive about yourself!


Avoid to put limits on yourself.Fly as high you can, wiyhout seeing beforehand your limits.


Don’t complain about everybody and everything.If you don’t permit it , complaining will not make you unhappy.Be positive instead.


Don’t criticism others , if not necessary!Everybody is different but also unique!!


Let go your ego , because you will impress more in being humble.If you take off your mask, people will be more attracted to you because you will show who you really are.

9.Resistance to change

Change is the only process , which can you take from A to B.So change is life!

10.Mental model

Everybody has his own values, convictions , beliefs.You will only see the reality, if you open your mind for others.


Fear is an illusion .fear excist because you create it .

12.The past :

Live in the present!You can remember the good things from the past, take them with you in the present with an eye open on the future.


Give up the things you don’t like or love and which make your life unhappy.

14.Living in function of others

Your life is yours and only yours.A lot of people are living with the values of others:parents , schools, friends, governement ….But don’t do that :you have to listen what your inner voice is saying .You have to discover what makes you happy and trying to achieve this.

You have only one life.use it to do what for YOU  is important and not for others.

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